Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello Ladies

I decided we need a blog. Here are my reasons:

1. A place to keep the Master List of All Great Books We Have Read. I'm working on finding a way to put the list on the blog.

2. A place to keep All Great Books We Will Consider Reading. Again, I'm working on this. My idea is that with the title, we'll also provide a link to Amazon and/or Powells.

3. A place to keep our Calendar - location of a meeting and the book to be discussed. Working on it.

I know there's tons more we can do to exploit this to our benefit. Again, I'll need some time, as this blog is only 27 minutes old.

Send me your ideas! Ultimately, I want us all to have the ability to post (again, newborn blog so not sure how to do this).

Love and kisses,